“Remember Who You Are”

In the Disney movie “The Lion King” there is one scene which sticks out from the others.

This scene occurs near the end of the movie. Simba’s father had died, and because Simbabelieved his father’s death was his fault, he ran away. Simba left his royal duty as the heir that was to take his father’s place as king. He ran away and hid with a pig and some other  strange animal. In his absence the Prideland fell into bad hands and was being destroyed.  No one thought Simba was alive so no one had hope of saving the Prideland from its enemies. 
Then one day, a “wise” monkey found Simba. He told him he knew his father.  

Of course, Simba, weighed down by discouragement and guilt wanted to find his father to get his wisdom on things. When the monkey finally led Simba to the place where he was to meet his father, it was a pool of water and Simba saw his own reflection, which looked  just like his father. 

At the same time, he heard his father’s voice saying “Simba, you have  forgotten me.” 

Simba replied, “No Father, I would never forget you.”

His father said,  “You have forgotten who you are and therefore have forgotten me. You are my son…

He  reminds Simba, “Remember who you are. Remember who you are.” 

Simba’s father tells him that he must remember who he is. 

As we commune with our Creator, we must remember who we are. If you truly know Christ as your Savior then your whole identity has changed. It is now connected to Christ and knowing who He is, first through a relationship with him, and second through  daily being made more like Him. Knowing who He is, is key to knowing who you are!  

1. You must remember you are: A Justified Sinner.  

We are all sinners at birth. We are born spiritually dead in our sin and only through Jesus Christ reaching out to us and breathing life into our spirits do we  truly become “alive”. Our eyes are opened to our sinfulness, our desperation, and  our need for a Savior. For some, that happens at a young age, for some it happens later in life. Whenever it happens, Christ penetrates a life, redeems the soul from  death and declares the sinner “justified.” 

But what does “justified” mean? 

The  dictionary says it means “to be freed from blame or guilt.” So when Christ becomes our Savior, He saves us from the blame and guilt we deserve because of our sin. At the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior we are “justified”, and our whole identity changes. The core of who we are, our identity, is no longer tied to sin and death, but to Jesus Christ and life! Knowing who we really are at our  core, the center of our person, where Jesus resides and has given us life, is vital to  the daily battle against sin in our lives and pursuing a pure life. 

2. You must also remember that you are: An Heir.  

What is an heir? Think of the many movies you’ve seen with a king or queen in it.

What is an “heir” entitled to? An heir is a person who has the rights to property or

title after the owner has died. Other words that have similar meaning are: successor, beneficiary, recipient. 

The apostle Paul’s concept of a spiritual
inheritance for Christians or being an “heir” was influenced by Jewish, Greek and Roman practices. Three pictures of these influences were: (1) inheritance was
regarded as immediate as well as ultimate, (2) all legitimate heirs usually shared the inheritance equally and jointly rather than a division favoring a firstborn son, and (3) legally adopted children enjoyed full inheritance rights along with natural offspring.

“Now if we are children, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ,
if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.”
Rom 8:17

3. A third item in remembering who you are: Human.

Humans are the only creation that bear the image of God. 

Genesis 1:26 says, “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image,” which shows that we are different from the trees and animals in that we, as humans were created in the image of God. 

That is avalue and honor given to us by our Creator at the very beginning. Whether people acknowledge God in their lives or not, no one can deny that we, as humans, are valued above all other creation because of the image of God stamped on us at creation. (Of course bearing that image does not give us salvation, because sin has marred that image in us and we are as “filthy rags” (Isa.64:6) apart from Jesus Christ.)

4. Finally remember that who are: As Christians.

As a Christian, Jesus Christ lives in us. He is the most valuable thing about us.
Christ gives us value when He makes His home within the deepest parts of our
heart and soul. Our true value cannot be felt, understood or lived up to apart from
Christ! We don’t need to look to surroundings, people or performances to find our worth, but our worth can be found as we look to Jesus Christ and His sacrifice to have a relationship with us! He has made us a new creature, and that is who we are! As Jesus Christ lives in us, he gives us new value.

Like Simba’s father told him to remember who he was, God tells us to remember. who we are in Him. When we return to our Lord’s Table, let us not forget that we are justified sinners and heirs of God. We are humans that God created to worship Him to where we would accept Him as our Savior and become Christians. Like Simba, we can NOT forget who we are because the moment we do that, is the moment we will fall to Satan’s tricks.


About Matthew C

First generation college graduate with Psychology degree. Focused on Peace & Social Justice issues.
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  1. RickisRoom says:

    Appreciate this reminder of our blessings, opportunities, and potential.

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