My 2016


This is my personal word for the year of 2016. Looking at the celebrities that have passed away, the stories that have made the news, and the events around the world, I can only reflect on my own personal journey through these last 365 days.

Let’s do a quick review of why I think this is so.

January 2016: Rang in the new year with good friends in Sydney, Australia AND Celebrated Australia Day with a Sunburn (but still take good photos :))

February 2016: Employed for the month in a for-profit college system (For Profit Universities are NOT my cup of tea)

March 2016: Unemployed through the month. No income & bills still needed to be played. 

April 2016: 23rd Birthday Celebration with a great friend in Wine Country (Hunter Valley) NSW. Found a job at non-profit organization;

May 2016: Week-long festivities with friends in Sydney. Bon-voyage from Sydney, Australia for the SECOND time in my life. My Grandfather passed away. Welcomed Back to KY with my Berea Friends upon returning from Australia!!! 

June 2016: Unemployed (again). Not hired on at Berea College for the third time.  

July 2016: Hired at Blackboard. PAID for my first car.

August 2016: $534 Bill from a Surgery that happened in 2013. Wedding Ceremony for “My Fresh(wo)man.” Berea started with a student taking his own life. Began singing with Berea College Black Music Ensemble as an Alumnus of the College/Choir.

September 2016: Reunited with my nieces & nephew. My Uncle took his own life.

October 2016: Walked ~2.5 miles in Pulaski Co Park. Reunited with a great brother from Berea. Hookah & great conversations with “mother” of my group of friends. This Shall be known as the October Reunion with Friends! 

November 2016: HOMECOMING 2016!!! Student at Berea College took his own life. Hired Full-Time at Blackboard. Sick at Thanksgiving.

December 2016: Christmas Concert Performed for a total of 8.5 hours but 60 minutes of footage would be broadcast Nationally on Christmas Eve on CBS ( I got a few good camera angles). “Dad” of my group of friends became an Alumnus!!! Got to say “Goodbye” to a good friend who didn’t give up at Berea and graduated. Sick at Christmas. Realized that I will be applying to Graduate Programs beginning in January 2017.

2016 has been one doozy of a year for the world on a national scale; however, my personal experiences show that sweetness can happen in the midst of the struggle. Trials and tribulations hurt! Bitterness stings. Yet, here’s the one thing that matters the most: happiness. Choosing to be happy is a personal choice that I will take with me through 2017.

You don’t have to take my word from it, as one of my favorite TV shows & the alien simply known as The Doctor reminds us:

Things end, that’s all. Everything ends, and it’s always sad. But everything begins again, too, and that’s always happy. Be happy. 



Moffat, S.W. (Writer), & Bazalgette E. (Director). (Dec. 25, 2016). The return of doctor mysterio. In  P. Bennett (Producer). Doctor who. Wales: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Wales).



About Matthew C

First generation college graduate with Psychology degree. Focused on Peace & Social Justice issues.
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