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My 2016

Bittersweet. This is my personal word for the year of 2016. Looking at the celebrities that have passed away, the stories that have made the news, and the events around the world, I can only reflect on my own personal … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Culture

White privilege has negative psychological consequences for Caucasian people by virtue of their collusion, intentional and conscious or not, in subordinating diverse others (472).” While these perspectives are empirically correct, I feel that they could be biased in certain ways. I am unsure of how they could be biased, but every person have biases that are unchecked and is rather difficult to keep them balanced when doing article publications, which thus can cause controversy and conflict between groups of people in society—primarily, blacks and whites. Continue reading

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Pain, yet it’s okay?

Jesus. The word alone can evoke emotion, but for me, I think of a man who was the Almighty in human form. This alone is a powerful statement! It’s something that sometimes can be a headache, but something that for … Continue reading

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Last Words

All of our “lasts” with the loved ones who pass, matter, but don’t let them be how you remember the character, interactions, and delicate, amazing memories of the deceased. Instead, look at the proof of their love for you. That’s what I am doing now, even a week after my Grandpa’s last breath on this Earth. Continue reading

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