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Zero to Hero Culture

White privilege has negative psychological consequences for Caucasian people by virtue of their collusion, intentional and conscious or not, in subordinating diverse others (472).” While these perspectives are empirically correct, I feel that they could be biased in certain ways. I am unsure of how they could be biased, but every person have biases that are unchecked and is rather difficult to keep them balanced when doing article publications, which thus can cause controversy and conflict between groups of people in society—primarily, blacks and whites. Continue reading

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“Remember Who You Are”

In the Disney movie “The Lion King” there is one scene which sticks out from the others. This scene occurs near the end of the movie. Simba’s father had died, and because Simbabelieved his father’s death was his fault, he … Continue reading

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Parker J. Palmer (2000) states, “Vocation does not come from willfulness. It comes from listening. I must listen to my life and try to understand what it is truly about-quite apart from what I would like it to be about- … Continue reading

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